Personal Training

Semi Private Trainings and Packages of 5 or 10 trainings are available. Contact us for more info. 

30 Min


45 Min


60 Min


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Nutritional Counseling 



Medical Grade Body Scan, Interpretation, and Food Counseling

Clients will have their body scanned looking for muscle mass, fat mass, bone density, intra/extracellular water weight, and so on. In addition our counselor will interpret the reading, and give you meal plan tips and a generalized plan on how to accomplish your fitness goals. 

Initial Consult
1.5-2 hours



Beginner Package plus
45 min weekly counseling sessions for 4 weeks

Clients will receive an initial consult followed by weekly motivational check-ins, review, and counseling. 

This is geared to help guide and motivate those who are wanting to see nutritional and health changes in their lives. 

1 month Program



Intermediate Package plus 30 min Personal Training Sessions for 4 weeks

This is a program designed for those wanting assistance and guidance every step of the way to ensure their fitness goals. 

Clients will receive both weekly counseling and training sessions as well as workouts for the week to help them maintain their fitness goals at all times. 

1 month Program