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Class Descriptions

Flow Yoga

 This is an intermediate to advance yoga class. Incorporating energetic movements through a series of vinyasa poses, by which you'll experience a sense of fluid physical motion. Movement will be matched with the breath, creating an even greater sense of flow, strength, ease, and tension release. 

Gentle Yoga 

Combines yoga & stretch for a healthier balance within your muscle groups. This class promotes relaxation, flexibility, and an overall sense of wellbeing.

Mindful Movement 

 Focus on the movement of your body, body alignment utilizing your core. Pilates will help you with alignment, body mechanic awareness, increase core strength, flexibility, and help reduce stress. This class is appropriate for all levels.

Core & Strength

Most people, including Body Builders & Professional Athletes have weak core muscles. You will need this class! Build your core strength, improve your posture, balance, and flexibility. You will get good basic workout knowledge of the Pilates Mat Exercises. You will learn the proper execution of each move to strengthen your core. All Levels: We modify to help the beginner and intensify for the advanced.

Cardio Toning

 In this class you will dance for 30 minutes and tone for the next 30 minutes. This is an ultimate 30:30 class to start your morning off right. Dancing is made to get you smiling and activate all those endorphins!

Fusion Dance

 Come dance your heart away with fun songs we all love to hear in our headphones and car. Get your heart rate up and pumping from either our hour long class on Monday or for a quick 30 minute dance reset on Wednesday.

Body Fit

This class helps target every muscle in your body and achieve a complete body workout every session. With this class you will work on becoming a stronger version of you! HIIT and weights are utilized.

Circuit Training

 This class will incorporate different types of exercises that will aim to make you stronger by targeting a variety of muscles in your body. Meanwhile you will keep your heart rate up and burn calories! Have fun and lots of interactive workouts to start your week strong!

Body Armor

 This 1-hour class will reshape and redefine your body. It combines strength training with High Intensity Interval Training. Targeting all your muscle groups. You will be using Weights, Medicine Balls, Dumbbells, Kettle Bells, & your own body weight to create the perfect work out. All Levels welcome: We modify to help the beginner & intensify for the advanced.

Workouts Work

 Come check out this fun & motivating class geared to the moderately active senior population. We get you moving “at your own level.” This class will challenge your cardio, balance, flexibility, & muscle strength using dumbbells, resistance bands & balls. Benefits:  Increased Metabolism  Increased Circulation  Stronger Immune System  Healthier Bones  Stronger Muscles

Introductory Pole Dancing

 In this introductory class you will have the ability to feel empowered! All while getting a full body workout. You will learn stability, balance, target your core muscles, gain upper body strength and build self confidence. Most importantly you will have fun dancing and sharing a wonderful experience with other like minded individuals. This is a semi-private class with a maximum of 4 people. Reservations will be required. $25 per class.


An amazing high energy class inspired by martial arts, muy thai, and boxing. This class will rev up your cardiovascular system, build strength, endurance, power and skill. When coming to this class expect controlled contact with others and independent work. You will learn to kick, punch, move your body, develop confidence and activate muscles you didn't realize needed it. 


When in need of inspiration and a full on party, CYCLING is the class for you! These amazing 45 minute classes will kick your booty into gear, make you sweat, and leave you feeling inspired for the entire day!
We do have SPD clips on all our bikes with a reversible cage for those who do not have spin shoes.