Water Shiatsu

Combining Massage and Zen Meditation. 


Aquatic Massage and Therapy


Watsu is the principle form of Aquatic Therapy for rehabilitation. It promotes deep relaxation, quieting the sympathetic and enhancing the parasympathetic nervous systems. It has profound beneficial effects for trauma, both physical and psycho-emotional, with therapeutic application for neuromuscular injuries, stress, chronic pain, discomfort during pregnancy, and special needs.


Watsu involves stretches, massages, and acupressure in warm water (95 degrees). The term “watsu” comes from the words “water” and “shiatsu.” Shiatsu is a type of traditional Japanese massage that uses acupressure to promote relaxation. In Japanese, shiatsu means “finger pressure.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect

 You will be exposed to a relaxing therapy pool with a stunning waterfall. The water is routinely kept warm at 97 degrees. The Watsu therapist will gently twist your body while stretching and rocking you, while also massaging pressure points. The goal is to release tightness in your muscle and fascia tissue. It’s also meant to promote a healthy flow of energy. You will leave your session feeling completely rejuvenated. 

Participants feel all their aches disappear and go into a state of complete relaxation. 

Booking Policies

You do not need to be a member of the Bryant street Gym to book a Watsu. 
Clients will be able to book up to 3 weeks in advance before their desired session time and up to 10 days before. 

Cancelation Policy

We require a minimum of 24 hours before cancellation. Those who fail to give proper notice of cancellation will forfeit their entire payment of the session. 


Our water therapy or Watsu sessions are held off campus in Meiners Oaks. Please except a phone conversation with our water therapist to go over what to expect and location details.