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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is your instructor?

 Kelsie Fox is an amazing Pole Instructor who has brought pole dance to the Ojai Valley. She has been a long time student of pole dancing and has put her passion into teaching. Prior to Pole dance, she originally learned her to guide a class teaching Yoga for over 10 years. She even combines to two modalities often given attendees a broader learning experience in her class.
Kelsie is  most excited to Bring her equipment for everyone's use and hold a space for all to play, dance, get strong and empower themselves through the art of Pole Dance.       

Where is the class located?

The class is located in the studio space of Bryant Street Gym. There is a lot of workout equipment to use and 3 walls of mirrors for us to use as we watch our growth and development.

What do I wear to class?

Dancers should expose arms and legs as much as possible due to our point of contact being as high in the inner thigh and in the inner arm pit. You can wear athletic shorts and a tank top or a sports bra and spanx. Whatever YOU are most comfortable wearing. Please have clean skin without having oil or lotion on, as this can cause injury from lack of grip and cause slippage.

How do I know if I can Pole Dance?

Anyone can pole dance! Above all else, listen to your body. All ages from 18-68 have been coming to class! So don't define your skills to your age. We always train bilaterally to increase equal growth in our extremities,  reduce the risk of injury, and we learn basic foundational skills. Therefore giving attendees the building blocks to advance their skill set. 

Who can benefit from Pole Dance?

Children, Men, and Women of all ages are benefitting from our pole dance classes. If gaining strength, losing weight, growing confidence, and getting flexible are things you are interested in then Pole Dancing is a great and fun way to do so!

What if I have never danced before?

We have people stating they have 'two left feet' or 'no coordination' at the beginning of a class all the time. Then they leave feeling accomplished by learning choreography to a song and empowered by learning skills they once thought were intimidating. Any one can move and vibe at their own tempo and Kelsie will motivate you the entire way. 

Why should I take Pole Dance?

Clients will be able to Transform their bodies while having a blast with like minded individuals! Keeping up Pole will dramatically build your muscles from head to toe and shed pounds while spinning around! In addition to physical benefits, clients grow confidence and are able to escape their daily demands. No matter what your skill level is starting out, you will always have others around you cheering you on and building you up.

What if I have had a previous injury?

We are able to adjust movements depending on your prior medical history and tailor positioning to your physical needs. Some clients will work on upper or lower strength as needed until they are able to ease into new movements. However, you should always consult your physician if you have multiple physical ailments or general concerns. 


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Kelsie is a phenomenal teacher. She’s encouraging, motivating empowering and inspiring. If you’ve ever thought you were too old, too inflexible, too scared, too self-conscious, too weak, too prone to motion sickness, or too prim and proper to get your bootie shaking or flying around a pole – she will prove you wrong. Pole isn’t just about all the stereotypes that come with it – it can be sexy, sure, but it’s an art form and a great form of fitness that Kelsie makes fun and accessible to all.

Kelsie's class is nothing short of amazing. I come from a long and diverse dance background and this class is a wonderful challenge that I look for. And yet, it's open for all levels of experience. Kelsie makes the class fun and inviting, she's there to help every step of the way, and will cheer for you when you nail a move. She fosters a wonderful space and class. So lucky to have this class offering in Ojai!

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