Strong Individuals make a Stronger Community. 

Why are we different?

From the moment you walk through our doors til the moment you leave, you will find our staff  ensuring your fitness success. We care about your journey and so do our members. We provide a space for the community that offers a wide range of weighted machines, free weights, Outdoor functional training, and cardio machines. In addition, we offer classes, personal training, water therapy, water massage, Pilates coaching, and weight loss programs! We are the only place in the Ojai Valley that offer a wide variety of services for reasonable costs. As a local business, we listen to our customers concerns, questions, and comments. Your success is our success. 


Special discounts applied for Ventura County Employees, CMH, and OUSD 
10% discount for Military and Seniors

New Members Initiation fee: $65.00 
No cancellation Fees.

Single Autopay

$65.00 / Month

Individual Membership

Monthly Automatic Withdrawals
Credit/Debit, Checking's
1st, 15th, or  25th of each month

This is an ongoing membership until cancelled. 

Couple Autopay

$95.00 / Month

Any 2 people living in the Same household

Monthly Automatic Withdrawals Credit/Debit, Checking's
1st, 15th, or 25th of each month

This is an ongoing membership until cancelled. 

Family Autopay


Parents and children living in same household (3+ ppl)

Monthly Automatic Withdrawals Credit/Debit, Checking's 1st, 15th, or 25th of each month

This is an ongoing membership until cancelled. 

1 Month
Pre Paid


Individual Memberships

1 Year
Pre Paid


Individual Membership
Additional Person: $325

Unlimited Classes

$85.00 / Month

Individual Membership
 Additional Person: $30.00
Includes Full Access to Gym

Personal Training


30 Minute 
Tailored workouts to fit your needs

Personal Trainging


1 hour
Get specific and custom workouts tailored to meet your needs and desires

Water therapy


1 hour
Please refer to our water therapy tab on the Many Benefits of Water therapy

Day Walk-in 


Come in for the day and experience everything our gym has to offer

Day Walk-in
With member


Come with a member and save!

Middle and High School

$40.00 / month

$10 initiation fee
*MUST show student ID
*Complimentary Weight room orientation (Mandatory ages 12 to 14)

Corporate Plans


We do offer corporate plans for Ojai Businesses. 

Must be a minimum of 3 or more people. 
Please email us for more information 

How to have Results?

Commit. Sustain. Maintain.

COME TO THE GYM. Utilize our space and our equipment.  
Educate yourself. Take advantage of a free gym Orientation. Have a Certified Personal Trainer show you how to use all the gym equipment with proper form and learn what it is for. 
While at the gym, you will see others working towards their goals. Giving you ideas and inspiration on how to workout and quickly develop a sense of what is working. Results don't happen over night, so keep going to the gym. If you need more assistance, consider taking classes.
Committing to yourself is the key to results. If you feel you need more; we have trainers that can guide you and start you on the workout plan you truly desire. 

An Ojai Staple

The Bryant Street Gym has been around for nearly 40 years and has been in the same family for well over 20 years. The team at BSG want residents to have a local workout spot where like minded people can workout together and be stronger as a group. Our goal is to provide a location where anyone can workout. Feel comfortable. Have the equipment they need. Be effective. And leave happy!

We have recently transferred ownership of the gym (June 2020). We will continue honoring all previous and established memberships. We look forward to seeing all of our members when they feel comfortable returning to the gym. 

What clients Say

...." I used to go to a big corporate gym where I would constantly have to wait for equipment. I love when I get to Bryant street there are no crowds and lines just to workout!" 
....." The equipment is perfect. It is easy to use and super effective. I never even thought of venturing away from LA fitness! So glad I found this gym."
....." I don't know why you would want to drive all the way to ventura when you have this here in Ojai. It has everything you could possibly need! Including very friendly people and staff. I always felt uncomfortable at my other gyms  and the staff never cares to speak to me or make my visit personable. Thank you Bryant street gym for being their for me." 

                                                                                     -BSG Members

Time Chart of Hours at the gym

What you need to know 

Hours: 24/7

Staffed  hours
Monday - Friday: 8:00 am to 12:30 pm and 3:30 pm to 8:00 pm 
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm 

Memberships: Pricing listed above. 
Gym membership and Class membership (The class membership does include access to the gym and unlimited classes)

10% discount available for:  Military and Seniors (65+)
Special Corporate rates are available for: Ventura county Government employees, Select Ojai Businesses, Community Memorial Health System, Ojai Unified School District Employees

Bathrooms, Showers, and lockers are available (must bring own pad lock for lockers)

The Gym:
Full variety of Ivanko Free Weights: Dumbells, barbells, kettlebells, and a variety of bars for various workouts, Weighted Machines: Hammer strength, pre-core, free motion, life fitness, High Tech, Cardio: Pre-core, life fitness, Tectrix, step-mill. 

Included with your Class membership. Classes are In person and available on ZOOM. Please check out our class page for further information

Free Orientation:
We do offer a complimentary Orientation for members who would like the assistance. We recommend this to all those not familiar with gym equipment and would like to understand the "lay of the land" better before they start working out. This will help you feel more confident in your workouts and build you up for a more successful outcome. Orientations are 30 minutes long. 

Personal Training:
We offer personal training for those who seek it. We offer water therapy, pre and post surgical therapy, weight training, Pilates coaching, and more! Please stop by the front desk staff to schedule an appointment and learn more about our affordable prices. 

Outdoor Training
Take your workout OUTSIDE! Functional training and free weights are available outside. It has become a wonderful permanent addition to Bryant Street Gym. The outdoor space features, pull up stations, monkey bars, squat racks, bench press, Incline monkey bars, TRX bands, Battle ropes, Tires, Punching Bags, and Dip station. Don't know how to use it? We teach classes outside that will definitely give you a good start. Come check it out today. 

Weight loss Program
We offer weight loss programs to help you get where you feel most comfortable. Whether that is gaining muscle or losing body fat, we can develop a program for you. Weight loss programs include workouts, personal training, meal plans, and Body composition readings for the most accurate results. 

Email For Questions
Terms & Agreements
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